Bali - 峇里 Bali 5 Days Dive with Mola Mola ~Direct Fligh

日期 : 1/6/2010 至 30/10/2010

TULAMBEN - Its beach is a rough spread of black sand, with small boulders and rubble cast here by nearby Gunung Agung's eruption in 1963. But people travel (in great numbers) to Tulamben to dive an extensive variety of sites, beginning, for most, with the wreck of the Liberty.    

Liberty Wreck -  is the only site in Bali that can actually become crowded. Just 30m from the beach the wreck lies on its starboard side, almost parallel to the shore. 

NUSA PENIDA -  Its across the Badung Strait from Bali's southern tip, offers some of the best diving to be found anywhere. But conditions around Penida and its 2 smaller sister islands - NUSA LEMBONGAN and NUSACENINGAN - can sometimes be difficult, with cold water and unpredictable currents reaching 4 or more knots. This is a place for Advanced Diver.



住宿 潛水員
Mimipi Resort - Tulamben 7880起 + 稅   6280起 + 稅   1200   

香港HKG / 峇里DPS (UO709 1315/1810)
香港國際機場集合 到達後 , 轉車接送前往 Tulamben. Meet at HK Int' Airport and take a flight to DPS. Upon arrival, transfer to Resort by car.
早餐於酒店每日2次下潛 , 午餐於Resort內。自選夜潛。 Breakfast at Resort. Daily 2 dive in Liberty Wreck. Optional night dive.
峇里 - Tulamben 早餐於酒店。每日2次下潛,午餐於Resort內。 Breakfast at Resort. 2 dive in Tulamben Drop off, lunch served on Resort.
早餐於酒店 每日2次船潛 , 午餐於船上。 Breakfast at Resort. 2 boat dive in Nusa Penida, lunch in the boat.
DENPASAR / HONG KONG (UO708 1850/2350)
早餐於酒店 。早餐後 , 自由活動。約1550於酒店大堂集合 , 由專車接送前往機場 , 乘機返香港。旅程完畢! Breakfast at Resort. Free at leisure. Transfer to Ngurah Airport on 1550hrs, take a flight to HKG. End of the journey.


  • 往來 香港峇里 經濟客位機票(香港航空)一套
  • Roundtrip economy class via HKG / DPS by HONG KONG EXPRESS(UO)
  • 機場/酒店來回接送
  • Roundtrip transfer between Airport to Hotel , and Dive site to Hotel
  • 2晚住宿於Minipi Resort Tulamben , 酒店房間以二人一房為準
  • 2 night accommodation on Minipi Resort Tulamben based on half-twin sharing with daily breakfast
  • 2晚 住宿於KUTA/SANUR 區域 , 酒店房間以二人一房為準
  • 2 night accommodation on KUTA/SANUR REGION based on half twin sharing with daily breakfast
  • 6次船潛連汽樽,鉛帶,船費及潛水導遊 
  • 6 boat dive with tanks, weight & weight belt, boat fee and dive guide.

      • 機場稅,保安稅,燃油附加費 (HKD 300-350)
      • Airport tax, security charge and fuel surcharge
      • 租用 潛水裝備全套每天USD15 (不包括潛水電腦儀器和電筒)
      • Rental of Diving Gear , Full Gear USD15(not include diving computer and torch)
      • 個人消費及個人旅遊保險
      • Personal consumption and travel insurance

    • 航 班及票價如有更改,以本會為最終決定
    • Prices and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
    • 需最少兩人同行,單人房需另加附加費
    • Package arrangement basic on 2 person, Single Supplement will be charged
    • 延期住宿包2次下潛(需兩人一房)
    • Extra night accommodation include 2 boat dive and breakfast(basic on 2 person)
    • 潛水中心 : Diving Academy
    • LOCAL DIVING CENTRE : Diving Academy
    • Licence no 353179 (Operated by Sunday Diving)
    • 選乘馬 來西亞航空可減HK350.00(每位) ;
    • 選乘新 加坡航空並於星期一至四出發 , 每位可減HK200.00(每位)
    • High Season Surcharge for 15JUL - 31AUG2010 ($500)
    • 旺季附加費適用於2010年7月15日-8月31日(每位$500)

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